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       Vourgareli (Drosopigi) Arta
       Tel: (+30) 26850 22713
          & (+30) 26850 22735
        Mob : 306974235188

Villa Sofia Vourgareli | Hotels Vourgareli | Accommodation Arta


“Villa Sofia” is located in the imposing area of Tzoumerka, in mountainous Kostilata, next to Acheloos River, in the beautiful village named Vourgareli.

It lies on impressive mountain tops that peep out through the fir trees, at a distance of 56 km from the northern side of Arta Prefecture, in a traditional environment with plane trees, springs and crystal-clear waters.

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The squares of Vourgareli village are a real dream.

You will enjoy a peaceful sleep during your stay at “Villa Sofia” and you will wake up staring at the endless magnificence of the natural beauty.


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